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Life quote – How big is your swimming pool?

You could have all the motivation in the world, but if you have a belief that says you “can’t” or that you’re “not good enough,” then guess what? That’s exactly what will happen. You’ve just built a a massive barrier, it may as well be the great wall of china in front of you. It stops that motivation in its tracks, or at the very least turns it into one hell of a struggle Your beliefs about your ability to build a postive can do attitude are like the circuit-breaker, shutting down the power when there’s a perceived risk But here’s the thing — you don’t need protecting. Those beliefs that limit you and keep you “safe” in your comfort zone aren’t necessary.

Here’s what it boils down to:

You’re more than a match for any challenge. You have infinite potential Your capability is bigger than any problem life can throw at you. You are designed to take on meaningful challenges and learn what’s necessary to succeed You’re awesome . Really, you are. But you won’t be able to do any of it until you reset the boundaries of your beliefs so that they allow your motivation to flow where it needs. Build a pool with no boundaries and what you’ve got is an ocean for your motivation to swim in.

Image – Eat the pizza, and whinge.

Merry Christmas, Bob by Chris Shugart

The following Article was first featured in Testosterone Nation three years ago.

Merry Christmas, Bob by Chris Shugart (link)

“So, what are you doing for a living these days?” Bob asked me. We’re sitting on the couch at one of those tedious holiday get-togethers, you know, the ones where you’re supposed to be nice to family members you never see except during major holidays and funerals. I think Bob is my wife’s brother-in-law’s second cousin or something.

“I’m the assistant editor and a writer for Testosterone magazine,” I say. Bob looks at me with a blank expression on his face, as if I’d just told him I sell handmade testicle warmers beside the freeway and was looking to open franchises across the nation.

“It’s a bodybuilding magazine,” I say.

Blank expression. Deer caught in the headlights. Ronnie Coleman doing trigonometry.

“Oh,” Bob finally says, “I heard you were, like, one of those bodybuilder guys or something. So, what’s that like, you know, working out every day and stuff? I just don’t have time to lift weights all day, but I have been meaning to get rid of this beer belly.” He takes another sip of beer. “What do you suggest?” Sip.
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Inspiring image – No excuses

This guy did it. Why can’t you ?

LIfe , fitness motivation – Another inspiring story (Sean)

Watch the story of Sean Swarner, the 1st cancer survivor to climb Everest.

Motivational Video – Achieving Greatness

I wrote up an transcript of the video here

Greatness is not some esoteric quality that only a few of us have. It’s not this god given gift that is predetermined among us and only a few people have this innate quality to ever achieve greatness. NO, greatness lies in every single one of us. We all have the ability to become great but the difference lies in what we are willing to do to get there and how we are going to do it. You know there is a certain redemptive power that making a CHOICE has. We all wake up in the morning when the sun rises and we have an opportunity that lies before us. We have a multitude of tasks at our disposal and we either be productive or seek instant gratification. But that choice is up to us. Read the rest of this entry »

Life Motivation – A little motivation

Pain doesn’t tell you when you ought to stop. Pain is the little voice in your head that tries to hold you back because it knows if you continue you WILL change. Don’t let it stop you from being who you can be. Exhaustion tells you when you ought to stop. You only reach your limit when you can go no further.

Motivational Video – Fitness – My 120 pound journey


Life quote – Are you destined for greatness?

Nice little wall paper for you to keep reminding you are are, and you better get to it.

LIfe – Inspirational Quotes #2

Totally Unrelated Image

“You can have anything you want–if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose.” -William Adams

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