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Motivational Life and fitness pics for the week 31/1


Inspirational video – Ignite your soul

A couple of years old but it’s not on my site so i added it to the video list of awesomeness.

Fitness motivation and life quotes 25/1

Motivational Pictures For the week 20/1

Todays selection is more life motivation than fitness. Make things happen!

OC – Motivational Pic – Did not start


Sam Harris – It Is Always Now

The video isn’t so great but the message is worth the listening too.

Life motivation – Death and looking back on your life.



Fear only exists in the mind. Fear is nothing more than an emotional response to our natural desire to avoid discomfort.
It is ONLY a response to an IMAGINED outcome. Many people get used to letting fear lead them through life.
They avoid anything they do not want to face, they cower away from conflict. But then fear becomes something else. They become walls that box us in
and block alternatives, they get stuck on the one path.

Then we stop recognizing fear and they become reasons on why we can’t. “I can’t , it’s too hard” Bullshit!

Fear gives you an indication you are venturing into the realm of the unfamiliar. It gives you an indication you are on the edge of your ASSUMED limits. You need to bust through these so called “limits”.

Remember everyone feels fear, The only difference in how it affects you is the way you handle it. Let fear push you forward instead of holding you back.

Be epic.

Fitness motivation for the week 10/1

Another round of motivation to get your news years pumping. Never quit , Never surrender.


New years motivational and inspiring pics 4/1