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Gym Motivation and quotes 24/4

Sorry it has been a while between posts. I have been a little preoccupied. This one is geared to the old gym quotes.
I have been putting some new thoughts together for this site. So stay tuned :).

Be the wolf


For you to lose sleep over what others think of you only forfeits your value and power. Some people who go out of their way to put others down; they want to bring that person down to their level. They don’t feel good about themselves, their insecurities and short falls so they try to bring you down. If you feel like your ship is sinking, it might be a good time to throw out the stuff that has been weighing it down. Let go of people who bring you down, and surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you. Don’t give them your power. You are better than the pettiness. Don’t waste time and energy over those things that do not matter. Be the wolf.