Changing your life


Change is hard. We are creatures of habit and the comfortable, We seek it.
When you are making a change to your life, you need to do it in the mind and the body. Your conscience will resist. The further you push into the point where you think you should be at, the more anxiety you feel. As far as our minds are concerned, your perception of your reality does not have to be objective. It only needs to be accurate enough to keep you alive. It means even if your life is mundane, boring or not what you want. You are too scared to change. WHY?

You only perceive what you think is useful. If your concept of reality has kept you alive for this long, It is far easier to keep this reality, flawed or not, than to endure the headache of a more complex view of reality. It is much easier to lay down than it is to exercise. It is so much easier to stay in the job you hate than to find a new job with lots of unknowns. The fear when you change your reality, you face the instinct that the people you know won’t accept the new you. Even if you face an infinitely better, exciting reality your mind will tell you to “Stop! We are doing ok with this reality, we don’t need this stress of change”.

Many to believe that it’s just too hard. Bullshit, take control. STOP EXCUSES. JUST DO IT! You need to trust that you can make what you want a reality. Even if no one is with you. No matter the difficulty, the solution is always within you. Make a choice.
Excuses are weaker than you are strong. You can do this.



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